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What are the main benefits of wooden loft ladders?

Wood loft ladders


Easy access to your loft is essential, whether you want to use the space for storage or create an extra room in your home. That’s why you need to find the right ladder to suit your needs and match the aesthetics of your home.


Wooden ladders are a popular and commonly used choice for several reasons. The appearance of a ladder may not be that important, but in the case of a loft ladder, it would be very noticeable if it didn’t match the style of your home. There are a couple of choices to make when choosing an attic ladder: the material it is made from.


Advantages of wooden attic ladders?

The advantages of wooden ladders are that they operate more quietly than metal ladders. They also provide comfort, especially for your feet, with their sturdy, non-slip steps. When climbing a wooden ladder, you benefit from the soft, warm feel of the wood.


They are very sturdy: Wooden ladders are known for being impressively sturdy. They can withstand more weight than other materials, making them perfect for carrying heavy loads to the attic, especially if you want to use them for storage. 

Sturdiness and stability: Due to their strength, wooden attic ladders are much sturdier, making them easier to climb for regular attic access. Our wooden attic ladders at BPS are equipped with double handrails for your comfort and safety. This extra level of safety has helped make them so popular, especially for the elderly, who need as much stability as possible when climbing into their attic

Durability: Wood attic ladders are incredibly sturdy and durable, meaning they are doubtful to break, even with frequent use and carrying heavy loads.


Stylish: Wood has an impressive traditional look that matches many common interior styles. It typically has a warm and cozy feel that appeals to many homeowners and is part of the reason wood is such a widely used material for attic ladders.

Fully Insulated: Wood is a good insulator of heat, and therefore our wooden loft ladders are fully insulated. They are 36mm thick, and the hatch has rubber seals around the opening to prevent heat loss. This is specifically useful in the winter, as you want to retain as much heat as possible and save cash on your energy bill.

Easy to set up and operate: Our wooden ladders are easy to assemble yourself. Detailed installation and operating instructions are included so you can get the most out of your attic right away and feel confident climbing.


Why choose a wooden loft ladder


While wooden ladders are solid and durable, they are larger and heavier than alternative ladders, making them more difficult to lift up and down. 


Wood attic ladders also tend to be more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. Another disadvantage of wooden ladders is that they usually come with an attic hatch. If you have a small space, you won’t be able to fit a wooden ladder into your ceiling without making the space bigger.


How to install a wooden floor ladder?


The first step in installing a wooden loft ladder is designing or modifying the ceiling opening to fit the product. Then it would be great if you prepared the ladder by attaching it to the trap door and installing the spring arm mechanism (depending on the product).

Once the ladder is prepared, you need to attach the wooden frame to the beams by drilling and screwing. Then you need to lower the loft ladder to the floor and adjust the length of the ladder (by cutting it to size) to your ceiling height. The edge of the attic opening can be decorated by attaching architraves to finish the job.


Why a wooden loft ladder?


Floor stairs made of wood are known for their impressive strength and stability. They are easy and comfortable to climb, making them great for older homeowners or young children. Wooden attic ladders are also famous for their stylish, rustic look that adds a cozy atmosphere to your newly finished attic.


Are wooden loft ladders safe?


Yes, wooden ladders are created to be safe and rated to support a weight of 150 kg. In addition, wood is a sturdy and durable material that provides added safety and durability and makes climbing up and down the ladder comfortable.


 Loft the ladders are made of wood-heavy


Yes, attic ladders made of wood are heavy and much heavier than their aluminum counterparts. Wood will always be a much heavier material than others, but it also has the advantage of being sturdier and making you feel safer when climbing up

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